World AIDS Day-Kenya joins the rest of the world in raising awareness of the pandemic

Kenya declared HIV/AIDS a “national disaster” in 1989 as the regime of President Daniel Moi battled to keep the disease under control

By The Weekly Vision Online

The battle against new HIV/AIDS infections has raged on for the last 39 years bringing together tales of courage and resilience by “heroes” of the 21st century, even as the world posed to remember the battle against the “mutating virus” that has defied scientific quest for a cure.

HIV/AIDS was first reported in 1981 in the USA, the virus then spread swiftly into Sub-Saharan Africa in the mid-1980’s catching many people unawares then peaking in the 1990s. Kenya declared HIV/AIDS a “national disaster” in 1989 as the regime of President Daniel Moi battled to keep the disease under control.

The National NGO Council of Kenya said in a statement that it stood in solidarity with “brave warriors” who have battled the pandemic for the last 39 years. In a press statement council chairman Stephen Cheboi said the world was united in the fight against HIV/AIDS which is now a “manageable disease.” He called for an end to “stigma” saying anyone can become sick and there is no need to profile people on account of their health status.

He said there are many “success stories” in the fight against the pandemic which like Covid-19 needs constant vigilance.” “During this day World AIDS Day we share our message of solidarity and goodwill with all around Kenya and the world as we continue to confront the negative impact of the pandemics,” he said.

Cheboi said world leaders resolved to end AIDS by 2030. “That’s exciting. HIV/AIDS remains a pandemic, the red light is flashing and only by moving fast to end the inequalities that drive the pandemic can we overcome it.” “There is a need to sustain adequate financing, prevent HIV/AIDS-related deaths and new HIV infections,” said Cheboi.

“We call for continued support to various NGOs and other organizations engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic in our country and the world at large.”

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