Why Nairobi’s National Archives area remains a crime zone

Muggers have reportedly been pushing their victims into open gaping manholes

By The Weekly Vision Crime Reporter

Nairobi the green city under the sun is also said to be a crime-infested metropolis with muggers and cutthroats taking advantage of any dark spots around the CBD. For some time now Kenya police have kept on warning commuters at the National Archives bus stops to watch out for muggers armed with metal bars and even guns.

The muggers are said to surround their victims and pretend to engage in conversation even as they “choke” their prey with metal bars. To the usually harried “mind my business” mentality of most Nairobians, a few of them even notice any misgiving until it’s too late.

Police officers appear to think that people with lowered face masks are a “bigger menace” than criminals but it always ends up with cops picking easy bribes

The assumption is often that it’s just a “normal” socializing even as the mwananchi is robbed of wallet and phone by the “fast working’ group who later melt into the crowds. Commuters boarding Thika and Zimmerman route buses are accusing the management of the National Archives Landmark of failing to install security lights.

Concerned wananchi further pointed at deep open manholes on the pavement into which crooks push their unsuspecting victims before robbing them of their valuables. Wananchi blames the police on patrol for being “obsessed” with catching people without face masks leaving muggers to have a field day.

Police appear to think that people with lowered masks are a “bigger menace” than criminals but it always ends up with cops picking easy bribes. In some cases, The Weekly Vision staff writer saw police on patrol watch with interest as a mugger stole a phone from a bus passenger through an open window on Haile Selassie Avenue and fled through a maze of traffic!

The cops were busy handcuffing wananchi without masks, or who had lowered them to speak on phone. The cuffs are only removed after a Kshs 500-2000 payoff and a cursory survey of OBs at police stations established no such case has been recorded and prosecuted in court.

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