Why Kalonzo Musyoka’s Latest Move Spells Doom To DP Ruto’s Presidential Ambition

Mr Kalonzo Musyoka

Like a jilted lover, Kalonzo Musyoka was seething in fury when he learnt that Raila Odinga had picked Martha Karua as his running mate, urged on by some of his MPs he failed to read the mood of his support base in Ukambani

By James Wafula

What seemed like a golden chance a few days ago for Kenya’s hard fighting Deputy President William Ruto to help turn the tables on his main challenger Raila Odinga in the August 9 election has backfired yet again!

The script and the principal actor remain the same, the flip-flopping Wiper party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who is widely known for blowing hot and cold.

Mr Kalonzo had threatened that he would walk out on Odinga if not named as his running-mate. He initially rocked the Azimio boat forcing a name change to accommodate his short-lived One Kenya Alliance (OKA) now in the graveyard of Kenya’s political coalitions. Kalonzo then bolted from Azimio the moment Raila Odinga announced Martha Wangare Karau as his running mate on May 16 2022.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s assumption that he would walk away with this block support and bargain after forcing a re-run in August, proved a myth as a surveys revealed the region would still stand with Mr Odinga

The former VP who had been warming up to become number two to Mr Odinga, viewed this as a slap in the face, initially refusing to endorse or even acknowledge Mr Karau’s nomination. Like a jilted lover, Kalonzo was seething in fury, urged on by some of his MPs but not his support base in Ukambani. It seems like Mr Musyoka failed to read the political mood among 2.9 million voters properly, especially on his Ukambani home turf. His assumption that he would walk away with this block support and bargain after forcing a re-run proved a myth as a survey revealed the region would still stand with Mr Odinga.

It is this that has informed Kalonzo’s swift about-turn and face-saving arguments about widening and expanding the Azimio support base through constructive criticism! This is a man who not only launched his presidential bid before TV cameras, naming a running-mate Peter Sunkuli and announcing that he would be the “third horse” in the race! Now he is eating his own words in the process.  

This about-turn has shocked and disappointed the Ruto bandwagon who was assuming Kalonzo would deny Raila more than 2 million votes allowing Kenya Kwanza an easy ride to state power! Ruto faces the mother of all battles against his main challenger Raila Odinga of the Azmio coalition. What should have been a major catch in the person of Kalonzo the Wiper leader has gone up in smoke!

This has just tripled the odds for Ruto strategists some of who are throwing up their hands in sheer frustration. The strategists are said to have burnt the midnight oil in a futile attempt to win over Kalonzo and sway him to the KK coalition but that was not to be.

Kamba voters, elders and Musyoka’s own family are said to have warned him that he walks away from Azimio at his own risk adding that voters would remain with Mr Odinga. Governors Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Professor Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) asked Mr Musyoka to stop his flip-flopping indecision.

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