Why James Mwangi is furious at the Equity bank Matuu robbery incident

Dr James Mwangi

 At least Khs 25 million was allegedly stolen in day drama

By The Weekly Vision

Equity Bank founding director Dr James Mwangi is not a happy man, that is if events of the recent past are anything to go by. The bank boss, usually a calm and collected fellow was not his usual self, last week.

Sources told The Weekly Vision that the boss completely lost his cool soon after news emerged of a daylight robbery having occurred at one of the bank’s branches in Matuu.

The daylight robbery was beamed “Live” into Dr Mwangi’s office through CCTV cameras stationed at the Matuu Equity bank branch in Machakos county

He was furious at the “easy” daylight robbery beamed “Live” into his office through CCTV cameras at the Matuu Equity bank branch in Machakos. All Equity bank CCTV cameras are interlinked and feed into the main server positioned in the CEO’s office and the head of the banks’ security team.

An image capture by a CCTV camera stationed at Matuu Equity bank branch

Mwangi who had been supervising the Wings to Fly educational scholarships for bright but needy students joining form one stormed out of a meeting in total fury. He is said to have banged doors and desks demanding an explanation for the “clear security lapse” describing it as a “cheap” and “poorly staged” inside job.

According to well-informed sources at the bank, a furious Mwangi then called IG Hillary Mutyambai demanding for immediate and thorough investigations to be conducted. The CCTV footage, he claimed, showing police allegedly being over-powered by two “unarmed” thugs was “too good to be true”.

Pointing at the suspect who later emerged on CCTV holding an AK 47 outside the bank as his colleagues filled up sacks with cash inside from tellers and customers, Mwangi demanded the arrest of cops on duty accusing them of being part of a “stage-managed inside job”

Many Kenyans who watched the CCTV have also dismissed the day-light bank robber as nothing short of a stage-managed daylight drama poorly executed. During the scuffle that show suspects appearing to rough up the cops, guards lost two rifles “too easily”

Mwangi has further wondered why the drama caught on CCTV did not immediately send a “distress signal” to a backup security team on patrol? This he said should have led to prompt security intervention, instead, the entire network collapsed.

He further questioned why the bank robbery went “so smoothly” despite a huge crowd watching the whole drama unfold without any security personnel intervening from outside.

No suspects have been held so far but sources told The Weekly Vision that senior managers at the bank branch had been summoned to the head office and could face possible interdiction and theft charges in court after an in-house investigation.

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