Why is the public smoking ban in Nairobi being ignored?

A resident of Nairobi lights a cigarettes

By The Weekly Vision

Smoking in public was outlawed by the county government of Nairobi several years ago and special zones created for smokers; however, this is no longer the case with smokers flouting the ban at will.

NGO Council of Kenya chairman Mr Stephen Cheboi told smokers to “stick to their lane” and stop endangering the health of ‘passive smokers” ingesting dangerous smoke. He was speaking during a Zoom virtual conference on climate change and the environment. Mr Cheboi urged county askaris to stop dwelling too much on hawkers and mask wearers but extend their law enforcement to such “critical areas.”

It’s wrong, he said for smokers to go around polluting the environment “undisturbed” yet it’s common knowledge that smoking “kills” and is the cause of many fatal ailments on many people. The council he said would continue to roll out public awareness campaigns against the vice.

He said smokers breaking the law should be arrested and charged in court for the general good of the entire public.

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