Traffic Marshals in Nairobi need to be trained afresh

Ill trained traffic marshals in Nairobi have made a bad situation even worse

By Jackson Kairu

One thing most road users in Nairobi will agree on uniformly is that the city is one hell of a place prone to endless, frustrating traffic gridlocks. The city is home to ill-trained traffic marshals who need to be trained afresh. 

Traffic gridlocks burn so many man-hours that even in times of emergency fire trucks or ambulances with critically ill patients find themselves completely stranded. Why do the traffic gridlocks persist on some days late into the night despite curfew hours that require zero movements except for essential service providers?

Speaking to The Weekly Vision on the issue, the NGO council of Kenya chairman Mr Stephen Cheboi said the paralyzing traffic gridlock in Nairobi is now a cause of major concern

Speaking to The Weekly Vision on the issue, the NGO council of Kenya chairman Mr Stephen Cheboi said the issue of on and off paralyzing traffic gridlock is now a cause of major concern. Traffic jams, he said cost a struggling economy like Kenya dearly as people fail to report to work or their places of business on time while medical emergency practitioners can’t reach patients in a critical state in time.

NGO Council of Kenya chairman Mr Stephen Cheboi

Mr Cheboi further challenged the NMS to sort out the issue urgently, saying that even in emergencies; lives “hanging by the thread” have been lost in the past due to the endless jams that seem to largely arise from road indiscipline especially by PSV fond of overlapping. Cheboi recounted a sad tragic incident of a toddler who died at a police roadblock because the ambulance was unable to reach the hospital in time, through a traffic gridlock.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) must walk the talk and deliver services in a “professional, informed and decisive” manner saying if county traffic marshals have not been trained then the NGO council would play its part and train them in public interest once logistics are in place.

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