Top city lawyer accuses President Kenyatta of “Mortgaging the future of our children through reckless borrowing”

Human rights lawyer and civil rights activist Njonjo Mue

By Jackson Kairu in Nairobi

Fiery human rights lawyer and civil rights activist Njonjo Mue has taken President Uhuru Kenyatta head-on through a public letter addressed to the head of state. In a no holds barred scathing letter, Njonjo accuses President Uhuru of running down the country and protecting a cabal of ‘state looters” who have been milking the country dry.

The angry reaction from the lawyer comes hot on the heels of a landmark ruling by 5 high court judges declaring the BBI push for a referendum as unconstitutional and an exercise in futility. This unless reversed in an appeal court means the planned national referendum this year will not happen, and that more than Kshs 14 billion has gone down the drain! This is money that could have built and equipped up to 5 public hospitals and 10 schools with completely refurbished classrooms!

Thanks to President Kenyatta’s Madaraka day speech on June 1 2020 and Jamhuri day December 12 2020, when he pointedly insisted that the country was facing a “constitutional moment.” This argues the lawyer was nothing but ‘hogwash” as “the problems facing our country under your government are legion. Under your watch, our economy is at an advanced stage of collapse, a state of affairs that is attributable to and exacerbated by the ballooning public debt and runaway official corruption.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta

“Mr President, there comes a time that the relationship between the rulers of a country and the people they govern becomes irretrievably broken down. When this happens, the people no longer owe the rulers the duty to obey them or continue to confer legitimacy upon a government that has clearly demonstrated its unwillingness or inability to steward wisely the affairs of their country for the welfare of society and the just government of the people.”

The lawyer argues further that the relationship between the government and wananchi had irretrievably broken down as a cartel of state looters “steal and enjoy the plenty within our borders” while the vast majority living on less than half a dollar a dollar a day Kshs 50 have nothing to eat! Argues the learned friend, “It became problematic as your government cleverly invent new ways in which to take necessities from the masses in order to give luxuries to a sycophantic political elite.”

The lawyer accused President Kenyatta of “mortgaging our children’s future by going on a reckless borrowing spree, which has led to a ballooning of the national debt to Ksh7 trillion and counting,” The lawyer accuses President Kenyatta’s government of failing to curb runaway corruption while blatantly admitting that the country loses Ksh2 billion daily to corruption “under your watch”!

The lawyer warns Kenyans that silence as things go from bad to worse amounts to “betrayal and inaction treason” as he ponders; “What shall we tell our children if we keep silent and fail to act at such a time as this to stop the reckless plunder of our country?

He adds “We must speak out and we must act to save our beloved country from the existential threat posed to it by your government and to preserve it for future generations. We urgently need to have a comprehensive and genuine national conversation as to how to save our country from imminent collapse.”

The angry lawyer urges Kenyatta to convene a “national conversation,” but not the ” political con game called the BBI or the meaningless fights between different factions of the political divide” who he accuses of casting lots to determine how to divide among themselves “the garment that covers our country’s nakedness and how to divide our public resources among themselves come August 2022!”

But he adds “Even as we prepare to convene that national conversation, it barely needs stating that to continue paying taxes to a government whose Chief Executive openly admits that Ksh2 billions of our hard-earned taxes gets stolen on a daily basis on his watch would be to abet in this grand theft of scarce public resources”

He laments that “we cannot in good conscience continue paying our hard-earned money into your treasury for thieves to steal at will and politicians to plunder at whim.” Mr President, I look forward to your timely response with regard to the foregoing issues to enable us to proceed with making preparations for the proposed national conversation for the salvation of our country.

 If I do not hear from you within seven days of the date hereof, we shall be compelled to take other appropriate and necessary steps to save our beloved country and salvage our children’s future without any further reference to you. May I take this opportunity to convey to you, Mr President, the assurances of my highest consideration! he concludes.

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