The saga of hungry waiters in Nairobi serving food to patrons

A Chinese national Deng Halian was caught on camera whipping a waiter at a restaurant in Milimani, Nairobi

By The Weekly Vision team

Some mean and hard to please restaurant operators in Nairobi’s CBD keep their staff and waiters hungry while serving customers with food. Restaurant staff have to wait for “leftovers” to fill their tummies, a survey by The Weekly Vision is shocked to reveal.

Restaurants have made a kill from the cold June-July spell in Nairobi selling hot beverages to shivering residents trying to keep warm. Despite minting a fortune, restaurants keep changing their staff due to poor remuneration and making them work long hours while “hungry”

The Weekly Vision spoke to some waiters who complained of “hunger pangs “even as they served customers “mouth-watering “dishes One patron at a restaurant on Accra Road accused the management of being inhuman, keeping waiters hungry while serving customers. “What if they resort to pinching from the plates of customers?” he said adding that what was happening was wrong.

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