Tharaka Nithi County MCA’s in Arusha- training how to behave!

Governor Muthomi Njuki of Tharaka Nithi County

According to an official behind the trip, it’s meant to teach Kenyans how to behave ‘politely with decorum’

By The Weekly Vision Online

At a time when the country faces a severe cash crunch, a bunch of MCA’s from Tharaka Nithi county appear to have better things on their mind! Like blowing away Ksh.37, 000 each day for a week on a lavish trip to Arusha in Tanzania where they are all booked at a five-star hotel at the expense of the Kenyan taxpayer.

And would you guess what has taken 32 Members of the County Assembly to Arusha? According to an official behind the trip, it’s meant to teach Kenyans how to behave ‘politely with decorum’. They all hail from a draught -prone county where wananchi have no adequate food or water. 

This is happening at a time when multilateral lenders and international donor agencies urge the Kenya government of President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop the wastage of scarce public resources.

Lenders have in the past blamed the huge wage bill on frivolous spending like the planned trip to Arusha by the MCAs. And there are many others in this category as a few weeks ago Busia county MCA’s boarded a flight to Dubai for a week to learn how to collect garbage!

Alarmed donors have warned against making bogus trips abroad wasting money that could be made available for development. The planned money-wasting adventure by Tharaka Nithiki Members of the County Assembly has been condemned by a cross-section of wananchi.

The MCA’s have been described as heartless “musketeers” not moved by people facing hardships as they gallivant around on all-expenses-paid trips.

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