Terror at Jamia Mosque in Nairobi as worshipers come face to face with giant rodents

Giant rats are terrorizing worshippers at Jamia Mosque

Nairobi Metropolitan Services and NEMA were accused of failing to manage the situation 

By The Weekly Vision team

The latest pandemic to hit Nairobi is not Covid-19 but giant rodents that are terrorizing worshippers at Jamia Mosque and nearby restaurants.

Alarmed worshipers who leave their shoes outside before going in for prayers claim to have discovered their shoe soles and laces being “consumed”, as rodents eat anything they come across in and around the mosque.

Leaders have blamed the mushrooming of restaurants nearby for breeding “monster rats” warning that “with time the giant rats may end up eating human beings”

Muslim leaders blamed the high number of the rats at the mushrooming of restaurants in nearby buildings. This are “monster rats” warning that “with time the giant rats may end up eating human beings” One leader told The Weekly Vision online that rats “bite soles” of worshipers while taking an afternoon nap.

The rodents appear to be taking over from where bed bugs left in the early years when many city estates witnessed a strange outbreak of bloodthirsty bed bugs. The bugs could even suck blood from people in broad daylight hanging on clothes, tables and vehicle seats in matatus and buses.

The Jamia Mosque based rats are just part of the breeding zone in the CBD, many city residents told us and accused the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) of failing to eliminate the rodents.

The huge rats mainly breed in the sewers sending panic to patrons in city restaurants who have often seen the rodents run out in the open many almost the size of a large grown-up cat.

The rodents are everywhere in shops, restaurants, at the bus terminus, and many eateries with residents warning of a possible epidemic if the sewer rats are not contained. “The rats eat and leave food not covered well” claimed residents saying the restaurants then sell the same food to unsuspecting consumers raising fears of contamination.

Jamia mosque worshippers confessed the same while worshippers at the Catholic Basilica and Cardinal Otunga Plaza, the nearby primary school, and restaurants all reported invasions of rodents which ‘eat lavishly” like locusts.

At railway matatu terminus eating houses, our writer spotted huge rodents vanishing into sewers.

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