T-shirt waving “Safaricom” crooks still in business on Tom Mboya Street


Days after this website reported the presence of a gang of aggressive T-shirt waving fraudsters on the streets of Nairobi claiming to be rewarding Mpesa users with some promotions, the crooks are still in business operating undisturbed on Tom Mboya Street.

Investigations by The Weekly Vision have established that the crooks appear to enjoy ‘invisible” protection from the police and county askaris who prefer chasing hawkers in cat and mouse games. Yet no one has accosted the group of fraudsters who don’t even observe basic Covid -19 regulations, they operate without wearing masks and don’t even observe social distance rules.

Nairobi is home to many gullible citizens, quick to take advantage of what they falsely assume is a major financial break!

As police concentrate on harassing young men who lower masks to make calls, the bogus Safaricom agents are huddled outside a Noah vehicle cream in colour registration number KB* 512B pretending to be dishing out free tablets and smartphones. The catch is in their ridiculous ploy where you are asked to transfer Kshs 4000 from your phone after which they will wire back Kshs 400,000! When our undercover writers accosted the group and suggested they deduct the 4k and give balance, the bogus agents melted away!


They usually take their unsuspecting victims through a bogus raffle where you choose a number and you are told to have ‘won’ a tablet and smartphone! Later they ask you to transfer money even offering to do it for you, asking for your PIN!

Nairobi is home to many gullible citizens, quick to take advantage of what they falsely assume is a major financial break! People are wondering why police who heavily patrol Nairobi city streets have failed to probe the fraud and arrest the culprit. Inside the Noah cream car is the supposed “boss lady” with heaps of receipts, tablets and smartphones which rarely change hands! Many streets smart Nairobians have called the bluff of the crooks they say should be arrested unless police and county askaris are in the loop. Some nearby shoe shiners claimed the group had at one time been arrested but promptly returned.

The Weekly Vision tried to get a call from Safaricom but customer care promised to call later and give “full details” on the supposed promotion of products by the leading teleco.

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