Slain conservationists had taken photos of alleged killers

The late conservationist Joannah Stutchbury

By The Weekly Vision

A serving governor from the Mount Kenya region is alleged to have had a hand in the murder of conservationist Joannah Stutchbury.

The conservationist was found murdered at her Kiambu forest home last week. It’s suspected her killers were after her forest land as she is said to have accused a “senior” local politician of threatening her life, president Kenyatta condemned the killing and vowed to track down the killers, however ‘high” they may be in society so they can face the full force of the law.

Sources close to investigators currently working on the murder told our team that the culprit may be a “senior” local politician

Sources close to investigators currently working on the murder told our team that the culprit may be a “senior” local politician; he is alleged to have threatened the conservationist after she flatly refused to allow the construction of a road through her fenced forest land.

In a tweet before her murder, the elderly woman claimed senior people were after her forest land and had threatened to kill her. She however added that she would not be cowed vowing to remain defiant to the bitter end. Her cold-blooded murder drew immediate condemnation from the US, UK, Canada and Denmark embassies in Nairobi.

The conservationist was shot dead outside her home on the edge of Nairobi, the police are understood to be pursuing leads linking a senior” local politician to the killing.

Journalists for a Clean Environment in Kenya lobby also condemned the killing saying the killers were after the forest land that the lady has kept ‘green “for decades.

The 67-year-old conservationist was greatly respected for her unrelenting crusade to preserve the vast Kiambu forest where she built her home.

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