Shoe shiners plead with DP William Ruto not to lock them out of his movement

Having a shine, DP William Ruto at a shoe shiners shade

By The Weekly Vision

Shoe shiners in Nairobi appear to be the only “hustlers” who are yet to be feted by DP William Ruto, the Captain of the Hustler train. DP Ruto hustler narrative has captured the imagination of many, however some of them feel they have been left out.

Side-lined within a government he helped form, the DP has hosted one group of “hustlers” after another creating a class divide many warn could have serious repercussions in future. The DP they say should stop styling himself as the champion of the less fortunate with barely a year left in office.

He should be tabling evidence of what Jubilee has achieved for the country in the last 10 years! Even as the shoe shiners, with a presence on every street in Nairobi, seek audience with Ruto, his detractors claim he is “inciting” Kenyans into a “class war” that could boomerang on him.

As the shoe shiners seek audience with DP William Ruto, his detractors claim he is “inciting” Kenyans into a “class war”

Indeed, an irritated President Uhuru Kenyatta made this point at Bomas of Kenya while officially unveiling the BBI document late last year. Uhuru noted that Kenya is a country of young people who constitute up to 85 per cent, most are below 30 years. It is this group that will virtually decide who becomes the next tenant at the statehouse in 2022. He said if this zeal and youthful energy is “misdirected” it can “burn the country.

On his part, ODM leader Raila Odinga dismissed Ruto’s wheelbarrow as “taka taka” (rubbish) designed to “blindfold” young Kenyans into voting for him next year. “Where has he been all this time as DP let him talk of what he has done not what he will do in future, fumed Odinga, a resilient William Ruto has told off his critics.  

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