Senator Mithika Linturi caught with his pants down

Meru County Senator Franklin Mithika Linturi

The Senator made baffling extortion claims in a high stake five-star hotel drama, or was it a set up?

By The Weekly Vision Investigative Desk

In his heydays at the helm of power, President Daniel Moi used to warn political rivals that they would “fry in their own fat” if they continued pushing him. Years later, Moi’s “heir” President Uhuru Kenyatta faced with a rebellion in his Mount Kenya home-turf can afford to wear a broad smile, this is after Meru County Senator Franklin Mithika Linturi decided to fry in his own fat!  

Preside Uhuru Kenyatta will certainly lose no sleep at the circus facing Senator Linturi, a key DP William Ruto ally fiercely opposed to the handshake. With such flak, the president and his minders can afford to enjoy a well-deserved rest after losing a number of “heartbreaking” by-elections in Central Kenya.

Politics is never far off from such marital hotel sex scandals involving senior figures whom society expects to be role models. Allegations to the effect that the heavily bearded senator sneaked into a married woman’s bed and even fell asleep for hours only to be awakened by an irate husband, is the kind of staff that can bring down political giants!

The Senator is well aware that he can expect little sympathy from any investigative arm of the government being a DP Ruto ally

Scandals in politics are indeed the oil and butter with which deals are made, sealed or broken! Senator Linturi is a man in the eye of a storm who has waited for almost a whole year to claim he was set up by extortionists? The Senator is well aware that he can expect little sympathy from any investigative arm of the government being a DP Ruto ally.

He only needs to look at what happened to the deported Turkish businessman Ayin Hadin to get a taste of what he might expect as this matter plays out. The fact that he has been embroiled in an ugly divorce court case before hardly helps matters for the soft-spoken politician many had come to respect and admire.

In Meru many are now wondering why a well-paid Kenyan Senator, already divorced would try to rape a married woman at a hotel? With a monthly take-home of Kshs 2m and a host of allowances, the senator could afford to date a trouble-free single woman of his choice. Why a married woman?

Yet as the drama plays out, he claims having been set up for extortion, he is at pains to explain the hurried pay-off Kshs 200,000 and silence for almost a year. A senator is no ordinary mwananchi and he could easily have stopped any extortion attempt by using the security organs at his disposal.

At what point did he realise he had been set up? Was it when he was discovered lying in bed with someone’s wife or entering the couple’s hotel room mistaking it for his own? And why the hurry to pay Kshs 1 million to silence the matter?

According to police reports, the incident happened on January 29, 2021. The woman claims the incident happened at the 5-star Maiyan Villa Resort in Nanyuki. She, her husband and her friend were booked in for a night as they partied.

The woman alleged that the Senator resorted to an out of court settlement, offering them 200, 000 in cash and a cheque of 800,000, but later claimed he had been set up for extortion!

The Weekly Vision cannot make comments on matters that are before a court of law, but it behoves us to observe that there is no smoke without fire and something is not adding up in the whole saga.

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