Residents urge the Nairobi county government to close open manholes along Tom Mboya street

An open manhole in Nairobi

A gang of heavily “muscle-men” is going around the city stealing the manhole covers for scrap at night

By Our Investigative Team

City residents are alarmed by the open manholes which have been left unattended to by the city authority along the busy Tom Mboya Street, just near the National Archives Matatu terminus. Angry residents who spoke tho The Weekly Vision Online appealed to Nairobi County Governor Anne Kananu to act fast on the vandalized man-holes before disaster strikes.

Our Investigations revealed that a gang of heavily “muscle-men” is going around the city stealing the manhole covers for scrap at night. The group is said to work with crooked county askaris who later share the spoils after selling the heavy metal to dealers. The gaping manholes are now a major cause for concern as even the busy Landhies road has not been spared. Muggers operating in groups are said to waylay pedestrians whom they push into the deep holes before robbing them. A number have lost phones, laptops and cash to gangs usually armed with metal

bars and work with utmost brutality.

The concern is now growing over the state of drainage and sewerage system as the city-county continues to lose manholes covers to crooks. While MS Kananu has won wide praise for fixing potholes and bringing a semblance of order at City hall, the menace of open manholes is a cause for alarm. “What will be next after all man-holes are stolen” complained a bitter news vendor saying crooks might start dislodging the drainage system!

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