Public places such as bars and restaurants blamed for the rapid spread of Covid-19

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has reportedly urged the government to lockdown the city

By The Weekly Vision

Nairobi could soon be put under total lock-down to contain a possible 4th wave of the highly infectious Covid -19 pandemic, sources at KEMRI and the ministry of health have revealed.

According to Covid -19 science researchers, Kenya has entered a critically “deadly” peak season of the disease whose first case was reported here in Kenya in March 2020. The scientists say a lot of the laxity encouraging infections can be traced to the reckless behaviour of some Kenyans who have never believed in the danger posed by the disease.  Such don’t care attitude has been observed mainly in Nairobi which is cause for “grave concern.”

The cold spell currently being witnessed in Nairobi since the beginning of June has also played havoc on the immunity of many residents and visitors

Researchers have raised alarm over the casual return to “business as usual” attitude by revellers in entertainment joints, hotels, bars, and public transport. In some public and private offices, the same laxity has been observed. Hair salons and barbershops have also been accused of fuelling infections by ignoring covid protocols. The researchers backed by health minister Mutahi Kagwe are reportedly urging the government to lock up the capital for at least days after schools close for the third term.

The cold spell currently being witnessed in Nairobi since the beginning of June has also played havoc on the immunity of many residents and visitors. Scientists are understood to have come up with compelling evidence that a surge in infections from outlying areas near Lake Victoria which have been under lock-down now appear to have stabilized but “transferred” most cases to Nairobi.

 There is movement in and out of the locked counties, a survey by The Weekly Vision established that most public transport in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyeri and Embu are back to “bad old ways” derisively overloading passengers with impunity. Many of the commuters don’t even wear masks, wash hands or keep social distance. Many are warning that Nairobi could follow in the example of Kampala which banned all public transport for 30 days to contain rising infections.

The scientists led by Dr Patrick Amoth and Dr Mercy Mwangangi have further blamed the casual myths being peddled by some reckless Kenyans for growing reckless behaviour. Some “doubting Thomases” they say are leading many to get infected by covid 19 claiming they will never believe until the “day they see a relative” die of Covid 19!

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