Presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi caught with pants down

Opemi Lutta (Right) says that she was assaulted by Mukhisa Kituyi (Left) within Tamarind village, Mombasa

By The Weekly Vision

Call it jinxed, hot-tempered, or sheer acts of fate, some seemingly small acts endure to produce devastating consequences.

Mr Mukhisa Kituyi quit a well-paying job at the United Nations to run for the presidency in the 2022 general elections, but even before the referee (IEBC) blows the whistle for the duel, the fast-speaking UN bureaucrat has already scored a goal into his net. Sources within the police who spoke to The Weekly Vision say Kitui landed in Mombasa to drum up support for his presidential bid, however, he seems to have been doing more than just politics, a lady has filed a case against him for assault.

Facing the accusation of beating up a lover at a hotel is not exactly a healthy report for a man seeking to be the country’s next head of state. Kenyans tend to be unforgiving of leaders bullying the “vulnerable”. The complainant, Diana Opemi Lutta says in an assault report dated May 22, 2021, that she was assaulted by “a person known to her within Tamarind village,” namely Mukhisa Kituyi, her boyfriend. “Police issued a P3 form which was later filed in at the Coast General Hospital,” read part of the report. Kituyi however, denies the accusations claiming the case had already been withdrawn. Nyali OCS Albert Chebii, denied claims that the case had been withdrawn.

Like Nancy Baraza, Koffi Olomide and Kanda Bongoman before him, Mukhisa Kituyi may soon discover that his goose is not just cooked already, but is ready to be served, much earlier than 2022

This now puts the former Trade minister during Mwai Kibaki’s regime in the eye of a storm, no Kenyan presidential aspirant has ever faced accusations of assaulting a woman before. As former president Daniel Moi used to put it, “Kituyi is frying in his own fat”. Not comforting news for the outspoken civil rights activist Dr Ling Kituyi is it? She is the wife of Kituyi.

Koffi Olomide was arrested in 2016 after a video captured him kicking one of his female dancers identified as Pamela at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Before Miukhisa Kitui there was Nancy Baraza. Sometime in 2009, FIDA outspoken lawyer and deputy chief justice designate Nancy Baraza never assumed that harassing a female security guard could spell disaster for her future. She had told off the guard who seems to have not recognized who she was, the guard attempted to search her bag at the Westgate shopping mall. Nancy Baraza is then said to have rudely told off the guard “to know” people, before pinching the guards’ nose and allegedly threatened her with a gun.

The rest is history, the matter blew up in her face before she kissed goodbye to the idea of becoming Kenya’s Deputy Chief Justice, a dream job for many lawyers.

Enter Congolese Rhumba maestro veteran musician Koffi Olomide who had just jetted into the JKIA for a series of concerts in the country. Olomide is alleged to have kicked one of his dancers in the stomach in full view of the local media, the dancer had clashed with Olomide’s wife, also part of the dance troupe. The matter was widely covered by the local media and drew angry reactions from civil rights activists and women rights lobbies who called on the government to deport the musician. The government did exactly that and more, not only was Olomide accused of assaulting the dancer, he was ordered to leave Kenya and never to come back. The Congolese rhumba maestro was declared PI (prohibited immigrant), frog-marched back to his plane and ordered to leave the country.

And in the 1990s another popular Congolese musician Kanda Bongoman bit more than he could chew. He ran afoul with the President Moi regime. He was accused of “flouting immigration laws” which were never explained. Bongoman was plucked from the five-star New Stanley hotel in Nairobi by a team of no-nonsense immigration officials and driven to JKIA where he was hurriedly put on a plane. The rumour mills in town claimed that the musician had the “misfortune” of having an affair with a lady associated with a powerful politician.

Like Nancy Baraza, Koffi Olomide and Kanda Bongoman before him, Mukhisa Kituyi may soon discover that his goose is not just cooked already, but is ready to be served, much earlier than 2022.

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