Nyatike MP Tom Odege guns for Migori governorship in the next elections

Mr Tom Odege

Legislator keen to re-define dreams of the late Tom Mboya

By The Weekly vision team

Nyatike MP and Union of Kenya Civil Servants (UKCS) secretary-general Mr Tom Mboya Odege has thrown his hat in the ring for the Migori county governorship in 2022, on an ODM ticket. Well-placed sources in Migori confirmed that the MP who has transformed the mining industry in Nyatike constituency and contained the hippo menace in Muhuru bay is “definitely” in the race for Migori governor in 2022.

The source confirmed that Mr Odege would be seeking to “restore long-held dreams of former economic affairs minister Tom Mboya” who hailed from Rusinga island and is among Kenya’s founding fathers alongside Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Ochieng Oneko among others.

Tom Odege says he would pursue Tom Mboya’s dreams and harness current challenges to make Migori county a modern and self-sustaining economic flagship in Nyanza and the entire country

Mr Odege says he will emulate the late Tom Mboya’s outstanding political brilliance gained from skills he has horned from his wide experience and leadership in the trade union movement, and parliament to deliver Migori to the “promised land”

Migori governor Okoth Obado is facing murder charges and a host of corruption cases

“Charismatic trade unionist Tom Mboya has always been my role model as I am even named after him,” Odege told cheering supporters recently in Migori saying he would seek to make the “dreams” come true once elected governor.

Mr Odege holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mount Kenya University, says the region owes most of its current crop of leaders to the work Tom Mboya did while alive. He said it was Mboya’s “airlift of Kenyans” to the USA in the 1960s that led to people like Barrack Obama senior gaining an education in the USA, his son would later become the first black president of the USA.

Mr Odege adds that both Kenya and the USA remain “heavily indebted” to the late Mboya, a charismatic and shrewd politician whose “lofty dreams were ahead of his time” with high regard for education.

Mboya was the force behind the mass airlift of Kenyans to study abroad with many returning to hold key positions in government. Obama senior, the dad to Barrack, was a senior Treasury official in the 1960s while Mwai Kibaki was Finance minister.

It is with this history in hindsight, argues Mr Odege from his Secretariat in Nairobi and Migori, that “I will seek to pursue the lofty dreams of Tom Mboya that are still true today more than 45 years since his demise”. He said he would pursue Mboya’s dreams and harness current challenges to make Migori a modern and self-sustaining economic flagship in Nyanza and the entire country.

Mr Odege currently enjoys unqualified support from ODM supremo Raila Odinga and is a firm supporter of the “handshake deal” between the former prime minister and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Recently during the civil servant’s union, AGM at All Saints Church, a rowdy segment allied to DP William Ruto plunged the meeting into chaos disrupting elections after sensing “heavy defeat”. Mr Odege who was set for a landslide victory termed the unrest a “disgrace” for people seeking to be national leaders.

Odege’s likely opponents in Migori could well be the embattled current governor Okoth Obado. But Obado is facing murder charges and a host of corruption cases. Obado could be looking at a possible long stretch behind bars if convicted ahead of 2022. Mr Obado has been accused of running down the Migori border county that neighbours Tanzania by awarding most tenders to members of his family. Developments in Migori have “stalled” as the governor uses wife and children to supply “hot air”

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