Mudavadi claims “Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja is OKA in Swahili”

Raila Odinga when he launched his 'Azimio La Umoja' in Nakuru

OKA claims Raila is ‘playing mischief” with the name which is designed to coerce the co-principals into backing his 2022 presidential bid

By The Weekly Vision Online

One Kenya Alliance (OKA) co-principal Musalia Mudavadi who coined the NASA Alliance slogan in 2017 now claims that ODM leader Raila Odinga has “stolen” his OKA slogan! Mr Mudavadi claimed in a radio interview that Raila’s much-touted Azmio La Umoja, first unveiled in Nakuru June 2021 was OKA in Kiswahili!

Even as the debate over the issue of slogans rages on, questions have emerged on which came first, Raila’s Azmio or OKA, with many claiming it is the latter that came first. This has left a lot of egg on the face of Raila Odinga’s political strategists who are yet to respond to the claims from the ANC boss.

Mr Odinga launched his 2022 presidential bid at Kasarani stadium on December 10 dubbed it Azmio La Umoja which he announced would become a new political alliance. But now OKA claims Raila is ‘playing mischief” with the name designed to coerce co-principals into backing his 2022 bid. They vow to remain united to be the “third horse” in 2022 and will rain on Raila’s plan to secure his 2017 NASA strongholds that will now be up for grabs.

An unrelenting deputy president William Ruto whose UDA party has just won another by-election in the Mount Kenya region is jeering and daring “mutu wa vitendawili” as he camps in former NASA strongholds.

Many experts have warned Mr Odinga to stop “dreaming” of securing 40 per cent votes in the Mount Kenya region and instead concentrate on his former strongholds or “lose badly” to William Ruto in the first round!

Raila Odinga strategists had made successive forays in the unpredictable Mount Kenya but opinion polls have put Ruto and his UDA way ahead of Raila. 

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