Maendeleo Ya Wanaume group claims Boda Boda men are ‘wife snatchers’

Group secretary Duncan Gitau urged The State to reign in on rogue motor riders

By The Weekly Vision

Boda Boda motorcyclists are not only a traffic menace on Kenyan roads but are also wife snatchers, a lobby group has told The Weekly Vision online. Maendeleo Ya Wanaume group secretary Duncan Gitau claims that the Boda men have been “eloping” with peoples’ housewives, aside from being a threat to pedestrians and other passengers alike.

 He claims that they are also “impregnating” young schoolgirls whom they later abandon after the fact, this is usually after a ride that was “too good to be true” Male callers to a popular local FM station monitored by The Weekly Vision also claimed that some of them had “lost” their spouses to Boda men who seduce their wives easily on their motorbikes!

Most of the incidents apparently are widespread in the Western, Central and Nairobi regions with most male callers claiming they trusted their wives with cyclists who instead ended up eloping with them.

The Maendeleo lobby has blamed unscrupulous Boda men for abusing their trust of ferrying female passengers who “hold on to them tightly” to avoid falling off the bikes.

Gitau urged the government and transport SACCOs to start training cyclists to be professional since some of them are “preying” on female passengers and school girls. He said this is not acceptable even as we appreciate that the industry has created employment for many youths.

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