Kisumu Governor in fresh storm as KKK clans gang up against him

Governor Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o of Kisumu County

By Brian Togo-Togo in Kisumu

Kisumu County Governor Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o could be serving his final year in office if word on the streets of Kisumu city is anything to go by. This is after three main clans in the county came out strongly blaming him and his administration of engaging in massive corruption.

The man is fond of bragging about wearing summer shirts valued at Ksh. 1 million each imported from Jamaica and Seychelles. The governor is also accused of short-changing the Kisumo, Kajulu and Kano (KKK) clans and is yet to fulfil electoral pledges barely a year to the next poll.

Senator Outa, a friend turned foe is keen to settle political scores with Prof. Nyong’o, Outa is leading the onslaught on governor with the support of MP Shakeel Shabir

Critics claim the governor used an NGO for the less fortunate in society to loot cash which he spent on a new house in Karen, Nairobi. The Ksh. 250 million home is where some of his children live. Part of the “loot” was also used to purchase top of the range vehicles. “He has divided loyalties let him run for Nairobi governor, not Kisumu” clan elders fumed.

This building was demolished by the Kisumu County Government at at Carwash area

The three clans claimed the governor was only good at “destroying homes and businesses” as the only legacy he is set to leave behind are broken homes. The clans lambasted his key point men including Peter Ayuya, of single-source tenders at the county where millions of shillings have ended up going into the governors’ men deep pockets.

Huge kickbacks they say go to Mr Nyongo who is fond of dining with “small girls” in city hotels. The governors former Chief of Staff now Senator, Fred Outa claimed the governor was a “perennial drunkard and womanizer” using the cover of the night to paint the town red.

The governor who belongs to Seme clan in Kisumu rural is further accused by the KKK clans of denying them the 50% share of the Kisumu County government appointments as promised during campaigns.

 Senator Outa, a friend turned foe is keen to settle political scores with Prof. Nyong’o. Outa is leading the onslaught on Governor Nyong’o with the support of Mp Shakeel Shabir who is of Asian descent and Sam Okello from Nyando.

Shabir accuses Nyong’o of betrayal and promoting nepotism where his family controls everything yet wondering how the same family ended up in court fighting over land instead of setting a good example. Former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma from the Kano clan has also accused Nyong’o of “hanging on Raila Odinga’s coat lapels” to secure a second term. But he is warning that this time even if Odinga endorses him, voters would reject him. Ranguma is promising to whitewash Nyongo in the 2022 epic duel saying the governor had demolished homes and businesses of Kisumu city as the only legacy he will leave before being shown the door.

The senator is among the 2022 Kisumu gubernatorial aspirants who criticized Raila’s endorsement for Nyong’o. Outa said that the governor had planted goons to force the ODM leader to endorse him for a second term. The endorsement angered Outa to an extent that he held two meetings in Nairobi with his Kano clan to counter the move.

The KKK onslaught comes at a time when Nyong’o is facing rebellion from Nyakach which vowed to block his second bid after he sacked seven committee members from the region in his administration.

Nyong’o’s deputy Mathew Owili who hails from Nyakach was recently booed when he tried to tell his villagers that the area leaders should meet this coming September and resolved to support the governor for a second term. Owili has portrayed the qualities of a weak leader who is being used to deliver messages to places where Nyong’o faces hostility.

In this particular case, he alluded that all leaders from the area including MCAs, Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor, church leaders, women and the youth meet to endorsed Nyong’o for a second term. Owili was also at odds with his Nyakach people when he failed to lobby for one of their own to be appointed as the county chairman of the public service board.

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