Kenyans must reject calls to postpone 2022 elections, says NGO boss

Interior CS Fred Mataingi has suddenly become unavailable as violence spirals out of control in Kerio Valley

By The Weekly Vision team

The Chairman of the NGO Council of Kenya Stephen Cheboi claims that certain Kenyan government officials could be behind the deadly violence taking place in Baringo, Samburu, Kerio valley and Nyando-Nandi border. The NGO council claims the violence could be part of a wider “calculated strategy” to delay the 2022 elections on account of insecurity.

Council chairman said ” the increasing deadly violence was disturbing as it has led to the tragic loss of lives. Cheboi linked this with a recent African court advisory ruling in Arusha which urged African governments battling the Covid-19 pandemic to “feel free to put off any election” if there is “credible health risk “to the electorate.

ANC leader Mr Musalia Mudavadi has rejected this saying the Arusha court could not “decide “for a sovereign state like Kenya when and how to hold or not hold elections

But ANC leader Mr Musalia Mudavadi has rejected this saying the Arusha court could not “decide “for a sovereign state like Kenya when and how to hold or not hold elections. COTU boss Francis Atwoli on the other hand backed the Arusha based court’s advisory saying “life was sacred” as the “country is not running anywhere!”

Cheboi claimed a banner headline in the Daily Nation “purporting to claim” that the African court had given President Uhuru Kenyatta a “blank cheque” to extend his tenure was most unfortunate. He said the African court could not override Kenya’s constitution and has ” no mandate” whatsoever to decide for Kenyans when to hold elections. He said the daily sort to start “programming” the minds of Kenyans along the lines of a delayed poll in 2022.

Cheboi wondered how the USA with the highest Covid-19 infections and fatalities now running into millions of lives affected had managed to hold elections in November 2020 with 120 million voters participating in the exercise.  Nearer home Tanzania, and Uganda also held elections in 2020 and 2021 respectively. “What is so special and different with Kenya that the African court is calling for postponement over Covid 19? Has the court just realized the danger of Covid-19 whose infections in Kenya are below 10pc and fatalities less than 5000? Compare that with the USA which has lost almost 2 million people to Covid- 19.

Cheboi urged Kenyans to remain firmly united and speak in one voice. He urged them to reject any calls by those “sensing defeat in 2022” to “illegally” extend the tenure of President Uhuru Kenyatta. He said the date of Kenya’s next election is “cast in stone” anchored in the 2010 constitution.

Cheboi further took issue with escalating community violence in Baringo, Samburu, Kerio valley and the Nyando-Nandi boundary, saying the government had failed to restore peace and tranquillity.

He wondered whether this could be part of a systematic pattern “designed to make some parts of the country “no go areas” in 2022 elections! “Why is the hard-working interior cabinet secretary Fred Mataingi suddenly unavailable “as violence spirals out of proportion claiming lives and property? he pondered.

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