Kenya Will Have the Most Productive Workforce in Africa by 2036 – President Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo National Stadium yesterday

“We are the third-largest skilled workforce of all foreign workers in the United States Of America“- President Uhuru Kenyatta

By The Weekly Vision Online

President Uhuru Kenyatta has revealed that statistics from the World Bank have documented that Kenya will have the most productive workforce on the African continent by 2036 should the country continue on its current development trajectory. He said this during Labour Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium.

He declared: “We are the third-largest skilled workforce of all foreign workers in the USA. That phenomenon is replicated across the globe, with Kenyans driving ICT, education, healthcare, and construction.” The head of state went on: “That also includes tourism and hospitality in countries far away from Kenya. As we recognise our Kenyan workers, I also recognise and honour our Kenyan workers in the diaspora. Today they are one of our biggest resources.”

He said that when he took office, Kenyans in the diaspora used to remit approximately Ksh. 117 billion back into our economy each year. Today, they remit approximately Ksh. 375 billion each year into our country. “This contribution has been created by ordinary Kenyans driven by what is right about our country,” President Kenyatta stressed.

He took issue with the rising costs of fuel, which he blamed on the war between Russia and Ukraine, which could have been worse, disclosing that the government has paid subsidies to cushion its people, but this is being exploited and abused by some fuel operatives.

The President said: “Many Kenyans do not know that Kenya is one of the few countries that has cushioned its population against the rising cost of fuel. Our prices of fuel – diesel, petrol and kerosene – are among the lowest in our part of the continent.”

He continued: “If today we had not protected our consumers, our petrol prices would have been approximately Ksh.. 173 per litre for petrol. But to cushion our people, the government has had to pay more than Ksh. 29 per litre as a subsidy to keep the prices at the level they are.”

He warned: “It is, therefore, a mistake for some people to take advantage of the subsidies to hoard and sell fuel at a higher price outside the country, and anyone caught doing it will be held accountable. We are going to deal with you ruthlessly.”

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