How safe is the food Kenyans consume daily?

By The Weekly Vision

Reports that all fresh produce from Kenya has been banned by countries in the European Union (EU) due to dangerous toxic pesticides has alarmed Kenyans.

Kenyans have expressed fear that they have been “eating poison slowly” as green vegetables or the popular sukuma wiki, tomatoes and maize that is consumed daily by people here are said to contain banned contents of pesticides that are “carcinogenic” the EU says.

A Kenya who spoke to The Weekly Vision challenged the government to clear the air on the issue saying a matter that touches on the country’s quality of food is of major security concern.

The government’s cardinal role is to protect the lives and property of its citizens saying wananchi should not be left to “eat poison” while agencies paid by taxpayers to protect them from harmful substances have failed in their duties. He said the European Union based its ban on “credible scientific” research yet Kenya on the other hand is seeking “other markets” away from the EU.

Who is in his right mind is ready to buy poisonous food from Kenya? Kenyans now want agriculture CS Peter Munya to clarify on the matter and stop the importation of the harmful pesticides that “fatten red tasteless tomatoes” which EU says is pure toxic and poisonous.

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