How Marsabit County Governor Mohamud Ali Mismanaged Covid-19 Funds -Part Two

Marsabit County Headquarters

By The Weekly Vision

The Covid-19 pandemic that was first reported in Kenya in March 2020 triggered the adoption of preventive and other remedial measures in response. This called for action by both the National and County Governments.

 In the case of Marsabit County, the assembly like others across the country met and considered for approvel a supplementary budget allocating a sum of Sixty Million Shillings (KShs. 60,000,000/=) for purchase of ventilators, ICU and HDU beds, oxygen and personal protective equipment being part of the County’s preparations to handle the pandemic. The National Government granted the county a further Twenty-Eight Million Shillings (KShs. 28,000,000/=) for this purpose bringing the total to Eighty-Eight Million Shillings (KShs. 88,000,000/=) the money then entrusted with Governor Mohamud Ali.

Mohamud Ali Governor Marsabit County

Under Governor Ali direct and restricted tendering method was irregularly adopted to award friendly companies and individuals tenders to supply this equipment illegally. In most cases, nothing has been delivered by these companies contrary to the County Executive’s claim. The only available items in the County for purposes of fighting Covid-19 are donations from Equity Bank Foundation, Red Cross Society of Kenya, Pacid and PISP among other state and non-state actors. They delivered PPE’s, sanitisers and face masks among others.

The Governor is under a legal and moral duty to account for the Eighty-Eight Million Shillings (KShs. 88,000,000/=) that has literally disappeared into thin air under his nose.

The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act provides under section 46 that abuse of office arises if a person uses his office to improperly confer a benefit on himself or anyone else. The Governor has abdicated his role as trustee of County resources and instead he is leading in mismanagement and squandering of the very resources he ought to be safeguarding.

The Governor works in cahoots with his cronies who have established companies as recent as 2017 through which ghost projects are awarded tenders and quick payments made to them thereafter. These Companies belong to the Governor’s inner circle and they work with their spouses and or relatives within and outside Marsabit County Government to loot county resources, a fact the Governor is aware of and encourages since he is a direct beneficiary.

The governor is said to be using the following companies among others for selfish and illegitimate self-enriching purposes; in flagrant breach of the Constitutional values of good governance, integrity, morality and trust bestowed on him by the people of Marsabit County.

SALO SERT LIMITED whose sole director/shareholder is Halima Abduba Dadacha who is a sister to Safia Abdul Dadacha.  Safia is currently the Deputy Procurement Director of Marsabit County and his father is Abduba Dadacha. The Governor uses these as proxies of swindling county funds through questionable tender awards to this company.

LATU WAYE LIMITED whose sole director/shareholder is Galma Bonaya. Galma is a brother to Guyo Bonaya, a road engineer at Marsabit County. Galma Bonaya is also a close business associate of one Sora Ollo who is a works officer at Moyale Sub-County within Marsabit County. This company is awarded tenders by the county government irregularly and is one of the Governor’s proxy entities. An example of such awards is the supply of Gen Set/Generators in Marsabit County worth Kenya Shillings Forty Million (KSh. 40,000,000/=) and another to drill and equip two boreholes at Illerete Ward worth Thirty-Three Million Shillings (KSh. 33,000,000/=).

GURANDALA INVESTMENT LIMITED whose sole director/shareholder is Bahati Galma Dabaso, wife to Guyo Bonaya. Guyo Bonaya is a Road Engineer at Marsabit County. Bahati and Guyo are close business partners of Hussein Rob Jattani and his wife who is a procurement officer at the County. Hussein is another proxy of the Governor. Indeed, the Governor owns several properties within and outside Marsabit County in the name of Hussein Rob Jattani. Currently, the Governor is constructing two twin flats in Marsabit town but disguised as property of Hussein Rob Jattani. Other related entities are a local radio station called “Biftu FM” and the building houses the radio station in Marsabit Town.

These are just but examples of the Governor’s abuse of office as explained above and, a breach of trust bestowed on the leader as provided for under section 8 of the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012.

The Governor has condoned conflict of interest and unprofessionalism in the county strategically to benefit from the vices. For instance, Safia Abduba Dadacha, who is a sister to Halima Abduba Dadacha, is currently serving as the Deputy Director Procurement of Marsabit County. Prior to this engagement, she was a clerical officer at Deputy County Commissioner’s Office at Sololo Sub-County. She was irregularly employed at the County and un-procedurally elevated to Job Group “N”. This was done with the knowledge and facilitation of the Governor for the purpose of shielding irregularities at the County Procurement Office.

To continue next week

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