How Hoarding of Maize Flour by Millers is Financing William Ruto’s Presidential Campaign Kitty

There is an artificial shortage of maize flour on the market

These hoarding machinations are orchestrated and ruthlessly executed by Unga Ltd who end up making abnormal profits from starving Kenyans and then channelling the profit to boost Deputy President William Ruto’s Presidential campaign kitty

The giant maize and wheat flour miller Unga Ltd, the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) plus several other small millers are allegedly hoarding tons upon tons of maize in warehouses to create artificial shortages of the commodity, The Weekly Vision can authoritatively report. Unga Ltd, the oldest maize and wheat flour miller in the country is playing a big part in the dirty game.

As a result of the artificial shortage created by greedy millers, it is the poor consumer who is ultimately forced to suffer the consequence of skyrocketing maize flour prices. The few packets of maize flour available on the market have become even more expensive. These machinations are orchestrated and ruthlessly executed by Unga Ltd who end up making abnormal profits from starving Kenyans and then channelling the funds to Deputy President William Ruto’s Presidential campaign kitty.

Mr Joseph Malel Choge

The Weekly Vision investigations established that Mr Joseph Malel Choge, the Unga Ltd Managing Director, is the operation’s godfather within the cartel. William Ruto holds shares in Unga Ltd and Mr Choge reports directly to him. The DP bulldozed his promotion to become the boss at Unga and his assignment was to take care of Ruto’s business interests in the company and the industry as a whole.

The cartel also controls the NCPB where cheap maize imports are given top priority in terms of being disposed of, our investigations revealed that a bag of 50 kg of imported maize goes for Ksh. 2,500 at the NCPB, the same bag is imported into Kenya at no tax, from countries like Uganda where it is bought at Kshs. 750 to 1,200, it means the bag is sold to NCPB at double the price, meaning a 100% in profit at the expense of local farmers.

The Unga Ltd brands include wheat EXE, Kenya Pride, Maize Jogoo, Hostess, Hodari, porridges Familia, pulses Amana and fish feed. Unga Farm Care (EA) Limited is the region’s leading manufacturer and marketer of a broad portfolio of quality animal nutrition and health products. Multiple interviews with insiders revealed that Mr Choge through proxies is responsible for the importation of hundreds of thousands of maize into the local market; he also uses brokers to buy maize cheaply from farmers at throw-away prices.

The cartel also imports maize from Tanzania, South Africa and even as far as South America at cheaper prices then make double profits through the NCPB from where they buy them cheaply, especially for the Ruto-controlled Unga Ltd.

These operations have been going on from the time the DP was Minister for Agriculture before being bundled out over corruption allegations in the infamous maize imports scandal, he was moved to the ministry of higher education by the late President Mwai Kibaki.

“By that time, the DP had already established his henchmen throughout the NCPB and even the current CEO Joseph Kimote and his assistant Phillip Tarus, former CEO Newton Terer are all part of the cartel that controls the NCPB and Unga Ltd,” said an insider.

“He said that the reason why Choge’s cartel took control of the NCPB is that the millers are not licensed to import maize, but they can create shortages, manipulate prices and use proxies to import the maize to fill up silos and get away,” he added.

Multiple sources told us that the cartel is profiting from the so-called government-subsidized prices, where they influence the amount of maize to be impetrated into the country, fake fertilizers are also sold to farmers at inflated prices to destroy their produce so that they can continue making billions by importing the maize.

They say that the Confederation of Kenya Consumers (Cofek) revelations that the recent maize flour prices shoot from below Shs. 100 to more than 200 was a deliberate operation by Mr Choge and his team to force retail prices to go up, for a profit.

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