Hand washing points in Nairobi against Covid-19 are dry with no water

CS Mutahi Kagwe

Most matatus in Nairobi now carry “excess” passengers, way above the acceptable limit to make up for losses incurred during the last lock-down!

By The Weekly Vision Online

Ministry of health CS Mutahai Kagwe’s warning of the presence of a new Covid 19 strain from in the country seems to have fallen on deaf ears within Nairobi’s bustling public transport sector that has long abandoned health restrictions, hand washing and wearing of masks.

A furious CS Kagwe has in the past warned people that if the “laxity” continues and people refuse to get vaccinated or take protective measures then the country could return to a fresh round of paralyzing dusk to dawn lock-down witnessed in 2019-2021. Most residents especially in Nairobi are busy “looking for Christmas” or travelling upcountry, are scarcely listening to Mr Kagwe! They openly shake hands, do not wear masks or observe social distance measures.

Most matatus now carry “excess” passengers, way above the acceptable limit to make up for losses incurred during the last lock-down! Such laxity health officials in Nairobi have warned could be a recipe for disaster. Wearing of masks has become a preserve for a cautious few, mostly middle-aged people with many youths laughing off Covid-19 safeguards with some of them claiming is a ploy by state agencies to make money from donors.

Some have dismissed the Covid 19 vaccination drive saying it is experimental by western governments eager to use Africans as “guinea pigs”! They claim the efficacy of a vaccine can only be established after 10 years of trial and research claiming the governments are “carrying out experiments” on people, drugs manufacturers should first pay Kenyans they say! “Or has Mr Kagwe been paid for the clinical trials he is calling mandatory vaccination?” some pondered.

The Omicron strain has already been detected in Kenya and is now spreading fast. Covid infection rates that have since September this year plummeted to below 1 per cent have since spiked to double digits! 

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