Governor Ojaamong’s Bid to Control his Succession Process Facing Huge Hurdles

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’

By Felix Agunda

Busia County Governor, Hon. Sospeter Ojaamong is facing a daunting task in his bid of controlling his succession.

The governor who is also eyeing the Teso South parliamentary seat has on several occasions publicly claimed that he will have the final say on who becomes his successor.

On one occasion while condoling with mourners in the Teso South constituency, he openly endorsed his Deputy, Moses Mulomi as his preferred heir. Busia County needs a person who is loyal and ready to complete my legacy, and that person is none other than Mr Mulomi, ‘ he added. 

Hon. Sospeter Ojaamong (Right) and Hon. John Bunyasi (Left)

He went on rooting for his chosen heir all over the county but the response from the locals was not encouraging, in one of his social functions, he was overheard saying that the candidature of Mulomi was not tenable. He shifted his support to the Busia Woman Rep, Florence Mutua, inviting her at several of his functions but she too was floored by his nemesis, Hon. Paul Otuoma in the recent ODM primaries.

The governor now seems to have shifted his support to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance of Deputy President William Ruto’s candidate Hon. John Bunyasi but his support is being viewed with a lot of suspicions. Some local political pundits believe that he is desperate to retain the status quo through a candidate who can easily play ball.

‘We know he is keen to protect his Ghost workers and cartels in the County, that is why he is too eager to have a person he can easily manipulate, ‘ said James Wabwire, a resident from Matayos.

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