Government urged to probe secret cults linked to child murders

Bishop David Odhiambo of Nomiya church

By The Weekly Vision

Churches in Kenya want the government to probe secret cults the church accuses of “sponsoring” cold-blooded, grisly murders of 10 children.

The church says confessions by a 20-year-old man, that he single-handedly killed 10 children, after being possessed by “evil spirits” is clear proof that “dark malevolent spirits” are at work. The churches accused followers of the “sectarian cults” masquerading as churches for the kidnapping of children and murder.

Nomiya church Bishop David Odhiambo of the Siaya based church accused Bishop Deya and Prophet Owuor of operating like cults considering the ‘fake miracle babies” scandal Deya was accused of in the past.

NGO council chairman Mr Stephen Cheboi and union of Kenya civil servant’s secretary-general and Nyatike MP Tom Odege have both condemned the child murders and called for a thorough probe.

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