Former VP Moody Awori’s younger brother Aggrey died of Covid -19

The late Aggrey Awori

By The Weekly Vision

One of Uganda’s most forceful politician and former presidential aspirant Aggrey Awori, a younger brother to Kenya’s former vice president Moody Awori has died aged 82. “He has been sick for about a month and I have been in touch with him until today when his wife, Thelma told me that he had died,” said Peter Oguttu, one of Aggrey’s closest friends.

Oguttu stated COVID-19 might have been another cause, given the deceased had other underlying conditions. “You know what’s currently going on in the country, but he’s been having pressure and other diseases as well,” said Oguttu.

Aggrey Awori was the face of a resurgent Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) in 1980 after the return of President Obote from 8 and half years of exile in Tanzania

During the 1960s under the then President Milton Obote of UPC, Awori was a consummate track sprinter who won a silver medal for Uganda at the Olympics. The Awori family is a true picture of a border-less East Africa as relatives hold key positions in both Uganda and Kenya.

Awori was the face of a resurgent Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) in 1980 after the return of President Obote from 8 and half years of exile in Tanzania. Dictator Idi Amin had just been overthrown by Tanzanian troops and Uganda rebels in April 1979, enforcing cross border regime change the first of its kind.

Awori became one of the UPC think tanks and a grassroots mobilizer and head of the party intelligence wing. But the army overthrew Obote again, Obote had no choice he fled into exile to Zambia and later died in a South African hospital in 2005, Aggrey was briefly in Nairobi before returning “home”.

Awori was elected Samia Bugwe MP in Busia Uganda during the 2005 elections just as his elder brother Moody Awori who was also elected MP for Funyula in Busia Kenya, the family has relatives living on both sides of the border.

During the Obote 2 regime of the 1980s after failing to capture the Kampala East constituency, Awori was appointed as a diplomat to the United Nations in the USA. Obote would often wave aside claims that Awori was “a Kenyan” saying he was Ugandan, born and raised in the land.

Aggrey died in Kampala after a short illness is part of the wider Cannon Awori family who headed the diocese of Tororo that then spread to Busia in Kenya. Aggrey Awori’s family confirmed that he died at 2 pm on Monday, July 5th, he is said to have been admitted at a private hospital in Kampala, a close friend saying he suffered from pressure.

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