DP William Ruto’s camp claims Governor Ann Waiguru is Hustler

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru

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Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru, some call her ‘iron lady’ or simply a lady with 8 lives is probably one of the biggest beneficiaries of the President Uhuru Kenyatta-Raila Odinga political truce signed on March 9 2018, although she is yet to ‘return the favour” and has instead thrown a spanner in the works with her recent pronouncements.

Governor Waiguru has been a strong advocate of the Kenyatta-Odinga political bromance that ended the bitter post-2017 election violent aftermath. It is this political truce that saw Mr Odinga call off his “hounds” from roasting governor Waiguru over the billions of shillings that were lost in the NYS scam when Waiguru was still the Devolution CS before she quit 2016 as the storm raged.

DP William Ruto with Governor Ann Waiguru

While her subordinates and associates were rounded up and charged for theft, she went on to win the post of governor of Kirinyaga County in the 2017 elections. She later met Raila Odinga whom she had taken to court for “libel” after the meeting at Raila’s Capitol Hill offices ‘they agreed to let bygones be bygones!”

As a politician for whom personal survivor always ranks highest, many say the Kirinyaga born mother of 4 may be appreciating the enormity of selling Odinga’s “political debt” gospel in her backyard

Many political watchers had long assumed that Waiguru would back Raila in the 2022 race as a favour for surviving the NYS storm and impeachment motion. But that now appears to be just one of the options Waiguru has put in her cold freezer!

She is no longer cosy with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s One Kenya Alliance (OKA) and an Odinga presidency in 2022. She has instead told the emerging camps “to hold their horses.” She has declared that she is keenly studying DP Ruto’s “bottoms up” economic blueprint against Uhuru-Raila top-bottom model. This has alarmed the presidential brigade that was expecting unqualified support from the iron lady.

Waiguru survived a fierce impeachment motion from Kirinyaga county MCAs as Senators from ODM threw their weight behind her. Led by Siaya Senator James Orengo, ODM claimed at the time that it was DP Ruto gunning for “Waiguru’s head”. She had earlier also claimed MCAs heavily bankrolled by the DP even spent the night in county offices before the controversial vote the following day.

The governor now married to city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo claimed she was being crucified for supporting the “handshake” brushing aside corruption allegations. A political watcher in central Kenya which for the first time in five decades has no serious presidential candidate says Waiguru appears to be reading the “shifting” political mood on the ground.

As a politician for whom personal survivor always ranks highest, many say the Kirinyaga born mother of 4 may be appreciating the enormity of selling Odinga’s “political debt” gospel in her backyard. She is well aware of the whirlwind support that Ruto’s Hustler narrative has amassed in the vote-rich Central Kenya where millions of youth have no jobs, with many of them drowning in illicit liquor.  

For decades Kenya’s politics and elections have all resonated along with tribal and ethnic interests with only 2 tribes ruling the country in the last 61 years of independence. Many say Ruto is cunningly avoiding the “tribal tag” as he runs around selling his Hustler gospel well aware of the damage ethnic considerations could do to his 2022 ambitions.

It is with this hindsight that Waiguru is playing cards close to her chest with key Ruto allies claiming she is on the way to the “Hustler train.” Whether that happens or not remains debatable but many say although politics is about the possible, a Waiguru-Ruto ticket is sure to derail the Hustler train.

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