DP Ruto’s supporters and detractors waging a fierce exchange on Twitter

Kenya DP Ruto is sometimes referred to as 'arap mashamba" by his opponents

By Jackson Kairu

Campaigns for Kenya’s 5th president had picked up tempo before being slowed down by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic with Deputy Presidents supporters and detractors waging a fierce exchange on Twitter and other social media sites. Ruto has vowed to drive his Hustler Flagship to state house in 2022.

Ruto has been in constant campaign since 2018 and at one time President Kenyatta amused his audience at Bomas that his deputy was running in the opposite direction in a relay away from the “baton”! Some of his detractors even posted a caricature of DP William Ruto in school uniform claiming that the parcel of land his 5-star Weston Hotel stands on should be handed back to the state.


A clearly amused, Kenyatta wondered how Ruto expected to succeed him if he was “running in the opposite direction” to loud applause and prolonged laughter. But Ruto took the rebuke in light gesture and rose to exchange pleasantries with his boss. Those who saw the unsmiling face of Raila Odinga showed clearly that he was not amused and is pegging his 2022 ambitions on a complete fall-out of the Uhuruto junta that has twice denied him state power in 2013 and 2017 elections.

Kenya’s is East Africa’s largest economy but currently one of Africa’s most heavily indebted countries with debt burden at a whooping Kshs 7.7 trillion and still counting.

Ruto has waged an unrelenting campaign since 2018 for the 2022 presidential election now just barely one year away, and has even told Odinga to prepare to “accept defeat” and not call for mass action! So confident is Ruto whose key campaigners are banking on the vast vote rich Mount Kenya region to prefer the DP to Odinga when the bell sounds for the 2022 duel.

Odinga on his part has been waging a bruising battle against Ruto blamed for high level state corruption with some key figures like former treasury cabinet secretary facing court charges for loss of billions of shillings.

Ruto continues to pitch tent as a ‘hustler’ despite being the owner of vast real estate and state of the art choppers valued at billions of shillings. His detractors claim the millions dished out at church and school harambees were evidence he was “living far beyond his known sources of income.”

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