Deputy President William Ruto celebrates the fall of BBI

Deputy President William Ruto

By Jackson Kairu

Deputy President William Ruto is celebrating the thrashing of the BBI constitutional amendment by the judges of the high court, Dr Ruto has been side-lined from the government by Mr Kenyatta since he started working with Mr Odinga.
Ruto, who has kept taunting Odinga asking him to “accept” defeat in the 2022 transition presidential election, which he keeps saying he will win, had opposed the BBI initiative.
He tweeted after the ruling: “There is God in heaven who loves Kenya immeasurably.”
Ruto has had a bad year politically with the only consolation being his victory in the Msambweni by-election. Ruto had basked in the limelight as his candidate carried the day in the constituency at the country’s world-famous coastal paradise. Ruto backed an independent candidate who had earlier defected from ODM, he won with a slim victory blamed on divided opponents. But after that, a section of the ruling jubilee party and the opposition have crafted strategies to rope in DP’s growing political clout, and appear to be harvesting fruits.

Odinga’s supporters have made him a political force in Kenyan politics where they today call him “Baba” father of the nation despite being an opposition leader

Contrary to public expectations that the BBI would be roundly rejected, the motions went through so easily, many were lost for words! This even in perceived Ruto strongholds like Bomet and Kericho in vote-rich Rift valley where Ruto’s word is almost law in matters politics!
Kenya’s national assembly and senate had cleared the way for a national referendum before the end of 2021. This is contrary to wide expectations by Ruto whose allies had assured him especially in the vote-rich Mount Kenya political stronghold of Uhuru that they would reject BBI. Out of the 47 counties, only 3 passed a No motion, with 41 voting Yes surpassing the constitutional threshold of 24 counties to allow a national referendum.
This had come as shattering news to Ruto, 56, who remained crestfallen, licking political wounds even as he kept a bold face as he married off his daughter to a Nigerian tycoon.

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