Chris Kirubi’s long lost daughter gave a moving tribute at dads funeral service

Fiona Farha Kirubi, Kirubi's other children are Robert Kirubi and Mary-Ann Musangi

The daughter revealed how the tycoon was a reserved person but a keen adviser on business ideas 

By The Weekly Vision

Fiona Farha Kirubi, the last-born daughter and Chris Kirubi’s third child moved mourners on Saturday, June 19, when she eulogized her reclusive dad who remained an enigma in his family’s life until his death last week. 

There was no sign anywhere of the wife whom he is alleged to have divorced three decades ago but the children and relatives turned out to give a befitting farewell to one of Kenya’s most reclusive business icon who lived and died on the fast lane.

After Kirubi’s burial yesterday, the focus now turns on how the siblings will manage the late Kirubi’s multi-billion-shilling vast fortune that includes the princely Two Rivers Mall, real estates in Ruaka and the International Life House in Nairobi’s CBD

Kirubi’s age was also a matter of speculation until his death as he would keep announcing on his Capital FM radio show, where he was the ‘DJ that he was below 18″ completing the picture of a business success story that preferred to leave the family to occupy the back seats. 

The focus will now turn on how his siblings will manage the late Kirubi’s multi-billion-shilling vast fortune that includes the princely Two Rivers Mall, real estates in Ruaka and the International Life House in Nairobi’s CBD.

In her eulogy, Farha admitted that most people were not as familiar with her as Robert Kirubi and Mary Musangi, her well-known siblings. She broke down on the podium before reading the eulogy and her siblings showed her love by standing beside her and supporting her throughout her speech. 

“I want to thank you all for being here to remember and celebrate the life of my dad, Chris Kirubi. To those gathered here who I haven’t met, I am Fiona Kirubi, the youngest of his children,” she affirmed. In her eulogy, she recalled how she at first denied being the tycoon’s daughter, how Kirubi and her spent time and bonded, her marriage and how she would tell her son (Kirubi’s grandson) stories about his grandfather.

When I was a child, I was subconscious of our shared Kirubi permanent forehead and wide smile and I would try to hide his traits. However, as I grew older, I have come to embrace our unique physical traits which connect us and I am prouder of my forehead and a big smile and who would who have thought I’d married an amazing dentist. 

I wish he would have met the new addition to the family, my 7-month-old son Mufasa who would carry the name Kirubi. I promise to tell him all about his Guka when he grows up. I grew up with my mum and I learnt that the words and encouragement that my dad had trouble expressing came out through his successes and achievements.

My dad taught me the meaning of hard work and independence and to always aim for the stars. He taught me that with great blessings come great responsibilities. As a young adult living in Dubai, I remember accompanying my dad to endless meetings, driving around and it was during these moments that we would bond as father and daughter in our way.

I admired how he would have discussions late into the night even though I was so exhausted I would be completely in awe of how he could continue going and going and going and gave everyone he met his time and he was never short of words of wisdom. He would break down my business ideas and had a way of looking at the future in terms of business. 

All his grandchildren will carry his legacy into the future. He is no longer in pain and is resting. Rest in peace papa. Business magnate Chris Kirubi passed away on Monday, June 14 at the age of 80 years.

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