Children Department blame Boda Boda riders of impregnating school girls

Child Custody National official Ezekiel Mwadime, the government would soon crackdown on the drivers

By The Weekly Vision Online

At least 805 truck drivers and 450 Boda Boda operators have fathered children they have declined to support, investigations revealed. Data available at the Children department of the ministry of culture show that the “deadbeat dads” are truck drivers and Boda Boda riders!

According to child custody national official Ezekiel Mwadime, the government would soon crackdown on the drivers. He said the children’s department was moving to court to force the drivers to pay for the child upkeep of their offspring or face jail terms. According to Mwadime most of the pregnancies have been with school girls or college students who are later abandoned heartbroken.

The truck drivers change phone lines and become unreachable, Ezekiel said urging school girls to steer clear of affairs until they finish school and get married. He said the Children’s office had also recorded similar cases with Boda Boda riders who mostly give school girls free rides to or from school. But once the girls become pregnant they vanish, noted Ezekiel who warned that the government was on their track and action would be taken.

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