Busia-Rampant corruption cases blamed for low revenue collection

Mr Nick Mulaku, County Secretary-Busia County

By Felix Agunda

Revenue collection in Busia County has drastically reduced in the recent past due to rampant cases of corruption, with residents blaming senior officials at the County headquarters for perpetuating the vice.

The Weekly Vision online sent out a questioner in February, addressed to the County Chief Officer Richard Achiambo, with a copy each to Nick Mulaku, County Secretary and Winston Wafula, Director of Communications. The questions were about an initiative called Jobless Lives Matter.

The Weekly Vision online sent this questioner in February

The Initiative was conceived by Mr Achiambo in consultation with his close team of advisers. The objective was noble, it was meant to act as a vehicle to seek funds from donors, funds that would help ease the burden of joblessness among the youth in Busia county, the youth would have been able to run small businesses with funds from this initiative, however, senior officials in the county hijack the idea and turned it into a personal vehicle to enrich themselves.

Sources told our writer that the youth who were initially meant to benefit from the initiative, later felt that they were just being used as pawns or baits to get money from donors. The Weekly Vision never received any official response from the county over this allegation. A source within the county also told this writer that a senior revenue officer at the County has since been transferred to the Department of Culture and Social Services as a form of punishment after he exposed how funds from another initiative dubbed Mtaani Agents were being diverted and deposited into the personal account of a top County


Recently, a lady trader from Teso South, wrote to us complaining about constant harassment from rogue county revenue officers. The trader claimed that she and others in the area were confronted by revenue officers, who demanded kickbacks of Ksh. 5000 for them to allegedly reduce the annual permit fees from Ksh.10,000 a request they flatly declined.

Stung by the snub from the traders, bitter revenue officers came back a day later and revoked the trader’s licenses on flimsy grounds of ‘coding’ (whatever that means). Rogue revenue officers collect ‘protection’ fees of Ksh. 500 each week from mama mbogas, the traders confided in us. The officers demanded traders to surrender the official receipts from the county revenue office, they complied after making photocopies of the same. 

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