Boda Boda Rider Beaten Up Badly After Failing To Pay For “Ugali Nyama” 

The heftily built Boda Boda rider claimed in a hoarse voice that he was hungry but flat broke

By The Weekly Vision Online

A broke Boda Boda rider in Nairobi was in for a rude shock when he failed to pay for a meal at a restaurant in Nairobi.

The young man had placed an order for a meal of ugali and fried meat at a city eatery but failed to raise enough money to clear the bill, it is at that moment when the waiters descended on him with kicks and blows.

Furious female waiters at the eatery would hear none of it demanding that the man pays up for the food he had just consumed, wondering why anyone without money would just enter into a restaurant and place an order for a meal. “This is unacceptable” they claimed kicking up drama as other patrons watched from a distance in baffled curiosity. “The man even demanded extra pieces of meat and soup” the angry waiters thundered saying management would deduct the money from their salary which was not acceptable.

The heftily built Boda Boda rider claimed in a hoarse voice that he was hungry but flat broke “I could not just starve” a statement that angered the hotel manager who lashed at him with a slap saying “business was business you only order for food when you know you can pay for it”.

The rider then attempted to secure his release by offering his helmet as “security” but waiters turned this down demanding that he bring his motorcycle instead as “collateral”, but the man claimed he would not make any money if they took away the motor cycle.

Management then sought police intervention in the issue saying the Boda Boda man could spend the night at the Kamukunji police station unless he pays for the food. Attempts to seek help from fellow riders also taking their supper were fruitless as they claimed to have just enough for their meal.

Hours later after police failed to show up the hotel agreed to hold the helmet for one night as other riders accused the man of being a reckless drunkard who takes alcohol on an empty stomach and then seeks to eat food without paying.

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