Anne Kananu becomes Nairobi Countys’ first female governor

Governor of Nairobi County Ann Kananu

Governor Ann Kananu has started off on a high note, rolling out a “free milk” programme for the 6000 plus pupils in Nairobi public schools

By The Weekly Vision Online

The curtain has finally fallen on ex-Nairobi County’s flamboyant Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko following a decision made by the Supreme Court of Kenya trashing his appeal against the swearing-in of deputy governor Anna Kananu. Mr Sonko faces several multi-million shilling corruption cases linked to his time as a governor at the County Headquarters, a “crime scene” according to the police.   

The new boss is Anne Kananu, she was spared by the courts from the agony of garnering a staggering number of votes in an election to become the “Queen” in the green city under garbage! Her swearing-in has however sparked off a storm over the role of military-led Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) under General Mohamed Badi.

Although top NMS officials are not saying, a clash is already looming in the city inspectorate and revenue collection departments. Kananu has started on a high note rolling out a “free milk” programme for the 6000 plus pupils in Nairobi public schools, why did Sonko not think of this populist move!

Sonko instead used his rescue team fleet of trucks to ferry corpses for burial upcountry ignoring hungry children in public schools. Indeed Sonko’s political star has been dwindling since openly crossing swords with President Uhuru Kenyatta, his former buddy.

At one time he put the head of state on speakerphone as he intervened in a demolition exercise in early 2014 proving to all and sundry how well connected he was! But the man with the “Midas” touch who had switched to DP Ruto camp after damaging attacks on the head of state, was cut to size after a stint behind bars.

Although no stranger to jails, Sonko now older, fatter and richer simply did not have what it takes to endure the prolonged anguish of a harsh stay under lock and key. He has since “zipped up” his mouth and retreated to his Manzoni home where he has kept a studious silence avoiding the public limelight. For Kananu it’s her moment of glory and perhaps time to kick out NMS under Gen. Badi who staged a “coup” against Sonko.

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