Albinism Society of Kenya raise the red flag over the constant stigma and abuse directed at members

Society accuses briefcase NGOs of exploitation

By The Weekly Vision

Kenyans living with albinism have raised the red flag against “briefcase” NGO’s exploiting their plight and making millions of shillings from donors. According to the Albinism Society of Kenya Secretary Mr Alex Kaluyu, bogus NGOs have been writing “extensive” project proposals to donors and receiving “millions” purporting to help the welfare of at least 3,000 Kenyans living with Albinism.

“Briefcase” NGOs are exploiting the plight of our members by making millions of shillings from donors, money which never trickles down to us

The “crooks on receiving millions”, do nothing for albinos instead “spending the loot on lavish luxury lifestyles” ignoring albinos battling night chills and harsh sunlight some of whom turn to beg on the mean streets of Nairobi.

MP Isaac Mwaura accused for failing to provide “sunscreen” special ointment despite “blowing Kshs 2m” each month in salaries

The Albino boss also took a swipe at MP Isaac Mwaura for failing to provide “sunscreen” special ointment despite “blowing Kshs 2m” every month as salary in parliament! “Why does he think he was nominated to parliament if not to speak and help us, albinos?”  

Mwaura, the Albino boss claimed had become too “obsessed” with politics ignoring fellow albino “languishing in pathetic poverty”. Most beg on the streets in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru, among other urban centres.

The society boss said it would move to court to name, shame and charge elements “minting a fortune” from the disability of people living with albinism. Some years back, a Kenyan who tried to sell an albino man to witch doctors in Tanzania, was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

The man had lured his colleague from Kitale promising “greener pastures” in Tanzania! It was established he had sort to sell the man in a remote part of Tanzania where some believe albino body parts contain supernatural powers.

Nathan Mutei had tricked albino Robinson Mwkana into travelling to Tanzania for a better paying job. All the while Mkwana was unaware he was being led to the ‘slaughterhouse’ of witch doctors, who would have murdered him and used his body parts in potions.

A spate of albino killings across the last few years, in the neighbouring country, sparked fears in Kenya of similar attacks on people living with the condition who face constant social stigma.

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