Big blow for Mukhisa Kitiyui as he loses diplomatic status

By The Weekly Vision

We predicted it right here, didn’t we? Drawing from past and present situations of public interest, we have been proved right! The man who quit a top job at the United Nations so he could become president of Kenya in 2022 has already scored in his own goal.

 Presidential candidate Mukhisa Kituyi scored an own goal even before the match is a quarter way. And now it’s payback time, the UN has not wasted any time in moving to cut Mukhisa Kituyi down to size. The bald presidential aspirant has been declared “personae non grata” within the UN circles.

Mukhisa Kituyi could seek solace in people like former long-serving Attorney General Amos Wako who was banned from ever stepping on US soil

The long and short of this could mean he is “banned” from ever stepping at any UN premises whether New York, Geneva or even Nairobi premises where he called the shots just the other day. Many now say Kituyi could seek solace in people like former long-serving Attorney General Amos Wako, banned from ever stepping on US soil, or businessman and former Kilome MP John Haroun Mwau who was also banned from ever stepping on US soil through an executive order signed by then US President Barrack Obama.

Presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi caught with pants down

Kituyi joins the well-beaten path of those who had to pay the ultimate price for their intemperate conduct and bad temper. Kituyi was in Mombasa to popularize his presidential ambitions instead he ended up in a beach hotel disturbing guests in a loud brawl with a lover. Hardly the way to popularize anything.

Opemi Lutta (Right) says that she was assaulted by Mukhisa Kituyi (Left) within Tamarind village, Mombasa

This now puts him in the same cast of fallen “angels” Nancy Baraza who lost a prime deputy chief justice job for harassing a female guard in 2014, Koffi Olomide kicked out of the country after a video leaked showing him kicking a female dancer in 2016, and Kanda Bongoman, kicked out of the country for going cosy with a female news anchor believed to have powerful admirers in 1989.

Kituyi has desperately sort to sweep the matter under the carpet but to no avail as the situation degenerates further. The UN prides itself on widely upholding civil and human rights and would be unwilling to shield its former diplomat widely accused of assaulting a woman who is not even his wife.

Reports that the fast speaking, urbane Kituyi had assaulted a woman in a Mombasa hotel have caused outrage locally and abroad as many took to Twitter to slam the former UN top gun. The matter has spread like bushfire, which to many other presidential hopefuls, sounds like sweet music. Not least is a former East African a former MD at the Portland Cement Factory who was fired by Mukhisa Kituyi when he was trade minister in Mwai Kibaki’s government. Like Moi used to put it Kituyi is now “frying in his own fat”

Losing diplomatic status for a man seeking the presidency in Nairobi is no ordinary feat, the incident raises queries on whether there could be many other similar cases that may have gone unreported or swept under the carpet. While viewed widely, a Kituyi presidential candidature in 2022 is nothing to write home about. In Kenya’s deeply ethnic driven politics where every election has its regional kingpins, Kituyi starts from a major disadvantage of assuming he can sell “merit” alone and become electable next year. Kituyi of the mulembe nation is nowhere near the citadel of regional kingpin that since the advent of multi-party politics in 1992 has had a kingpin.

Since leaving the NARC government and joining UNCTAD, Kituyi who was once vocal in FORD Kenya is now a political lightweight without a political party worth writing home about. Matters are not helped at all by such reports of loud hotel brawls and assault on a woman.

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